Monday, December 11, 2006

Diesel's Christmas Tale

Diesel launched a Christmas site last week. A Christmas fable pop up book called the 'Tale of the Black Knight and the Calamitous Dragon'. The story is inspired by Diesel's holiday jewellery collection and tells the story of medieval knight, a dragon and a beautiful girl that mysteriously disappears one Christmas eve night. The tale with a dark twisted end can be viewed online or downloaded as an audio book designed to be listened to in from to f the roaring fire during the Christmas holidays. Various items from the collection feature throughout the story, and there is also an overview of the main items from the collection for people looking for Christmas gift ideas. The site was made by Diesel's creative team in collaboration with Hi-Res! of London.

View the site and find out what happens to the girl and the dragon at Diesel's homepage - or directly link here.