Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Girls In Underwear, With Panda Heads On

Maybe hyperbowl, (maybe not!!)...I let you decide!
A maid comes in the room and starts taking pictures of the three - The girls in panda suits, the guy dressed as a pink dinosaur. Mayhem ensues.

The people posting...and there were tons went crazy! A digital orgasm.

The models took their own images...and I think they are amazing!

Just look at the guys images on Flickr - tell me if they arn't better than Terry Richardson!

I love it.

See ALL the images here!
But tune in and follow the insanity here!

Heidies Rule!

Wanna know what happens when 3 people get locked up in a room with their only access to the outside being their internet connection. And believe me when I say they are connected with the outside world. Check out the amount of hits they got for their video on YouTube in one day. I hope that these girls get up to a lot more stuff like this! They are natural stars!! And the internet community are joining in - that is the best part. They are helping the girls get their 15mb of fame.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Heidies Upload Their First Polaroids

Maybe these girls could get some commissions! Chat with them now, before they get taken down! Hijacked!!! By Two Girls Called Heidies

So will Heidi and Heidi2 manage to succeed in their search for internet stardom? Hijacking Diesel's homepage is certainly a good start! With 6 live camera feeds, regular You Say - We Do sessions and live chat with the kidnappers of Diesel's underwear salesman this is an ambitious entertainment project!

Catch them live now! Before they get taken down, or bored of their 15 megabytes of fame.
View the on DIESEL.COM

Friday, January 19, 2007

Apple iPhone

This is one of the best views of the new Apple iPhone. I want one. I want one. I want one....

A Closer Look At The IPhone - video powered by Metacafe

Joost - Will this revolutionise TV?

Stay tuned. This just might be the NEXT thing. From the founders of SKYPE, this new project Joost (previously code named THE VENICE PROJECT aims to revolutionise television (and the way we consume TV content), in the same way as Skype revolutionised the way we make phone calls.

It delivers FREE content in broadcast quality. I have heard from beta testers that there is no lag or buffering!!

Sign up to be a beta tester here.

Will Global Warming Be So Bad?

Diesel have just posted a new video on YouTube and their own website, that introduces their new provocative Global Warming Ready advertising campaign. Diesel asks...'Is Global Warming such a bad thing?' Leaving the viewer to decide, they claim to be ready just in case. So after the Stern report, here is Diesel's report into the effects of Global Warming...the findings -sunglasses recommended for the warmer times ahead! If it is going to happen, you may as well look stylish.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Diesel - Global Warming Ready - New Campaign

Diesel's latest advertising campaign is timely to say the least. The campaign depicts a drastically changed world, altered by the effects of Global Warming. Taking on a long time serious issue, but one that has in recent months become a very 'hot' topic (no pun intended!).

The striking and sophisticated images are set in various locations around the world, each having succomb to the effects of Global Warming; From New York sky scrapers emerge from the ocean, with flood waters upto the 50th floor to more subtle interpretations, such as tropical parrots taking the place of pigeons as the native bird in Venice's fames St Marco's Square. In all of the images, shot by fashion bad boy Terry Richardson, the people (dressed in Diesel naturally), seem unperturbed by the new environment, and in most cases are enjoying the new warm conditions. When you first see the images they seem quite normal beautiful fashion images, but it is only on the second look that they reveal their true story. Considering that we are bombarded with tabliod style news with it's hyperbowl horror story approach, this is an interesting and more thought provoking way of bringing attention to the issue.

The campaign can be seen online at

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Video Sharing Sites - Top Ten

This article decribes the incredable foothold YouTube has over the video sharing sites, managing to go from 0 to 30 million visitors per month. It includes a list of the top ten video sharing sites.

Not yet in the top ten, but of interest to follow is Revver who share the advertising revenue with each video publisher 50/50.

MySpace Videos
Google Videos
MSN Videos
Yahoo Videos
AOL Media
Daily Motion
Meta Cafe

Read the article here.