Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Diesel - Global Warming Ready - New Campaign

Diesel's latest advertising campaign is timely to say the least. The campaign depicts a drastically changed world, altered by the effects of Global Warming. Taking on a long time serious issue, but one that has in recent months become a very 'hot' topic (no pun intended!).

The striking and sophisticated images are set in various locations around the world, each having succomb to the effects of Global Warming; From New York sky scrapers emerge from the ocean, with flood waters upto the 50th floor to more subtle interpretations, such as tropical parrots taking the place of pigeons as the native bird in Venice's fames St Marco's Square. In all of the images, shot by fashion bad boy Terry Richardson, the people (dressed in Diesel naturally), seem unperturbed by the new environment, and in most cases are enjoying the new warm conditions. When you first see the images they seem quite normal beautiful fashion images, but it is only on the second look that they reveal their true story. Considering that we are bombarded with tabliod style news with it's hyperbowl horror story approach, this is an interesting and more thought provoking way of bringing attention to the issue.

The campaign can be seen online at Diesel.com

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