Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Judging THE FWA awards, 2007

I am really chuffed as I have been asked to join the 2007 judging panel for THE FWA (The Favorite Website Awards), which is really strong this year. This is a really great site that manages to turn up cool and innovative sites on a daily basis. It is a very useful tool for researching good design and and leading designers and agencies and has fast become one of 'THE' regular destinations for designers and online marketers. I shall be looking forward to the judging later in the year. The rest of the judges can be found THE FWA.

It has been a very busy period, with only a few recent postings, due to the amount of time I had been dedicating to the recent fashion show I had been working on. I am now back from my holiday and hope to be posting more frequently.

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BadSwan said...

sorry we do not forgive your last low activity on this blog! ;-)