Monday, August 27, 2007

little bird

The Little Bird project was initiated by Daniel Arendt and Christian Lindemann, graphic designers working in Germany, who asked illustrators worldwide to contribute an illustration of a 'little bird'. Apart from the weath of really cool submissions, the project's blog site of submissions is a great location to find cool illustration talent, especially as the subject matter means that the illustrators can easily be compared amongst each other.

The submissions can be seen online here. You can also by a poster containing all of the works, with a large cut of the profits going to UNICEF

I do not know if this project was run by the same guys as 'Bunny'. If you did not see the Bunny project, run on occassion of the Pictoplasma character design conference, Check this out. The same concept as 'Little Bird', but...yes you guessed it with rabbits!

Here are some of my favorite 'little birds'.

Marcos Zerene aka FormatBrain


Sandra Schmalz

Eliane Mancera