Monday, November 12, 2007

Diesel Online Store Launches

Finally it is here. But it has been worth the wait. You can now buy online from the Diesel site, from Europe and USA from a single online store.

The Diesel Online Store officially launches today, and does so with an interactive window called the Diesel Style Lounge, that is designed to explore things that would not be possible in the window of a normal highstreet store. Models are seen floating underwater in a submerged space that the user can explore and discover the key outfits of the season. The models spin and flip as the camera pans around them Matrix style, and uses effects that are more commonly found in Hollywood movies than online.

For those that prefer a quicker and more direct experience, they can navigate direct to the male and female sections and browse from over 1,000 specially selected items. There are about three times as many items in this store than you would find in a normal Diesel store, and the selection has been chosen specifically for the more demanding and forward thinking online consumer. Some of the most sought after pieces, including specialist denim and fashion show items previously only available in a few cities, are now made available to people worldwide.

The presentation of the collection in the Style Lounge, in my opinion really represents a new direction in fashion photography. The technique used is a kind of 'Motion Photography', where the focus is still clearly on presenting the product, but adds a new dimention to the emotional angle of the image.

I have been fortunate to be a part of this amazing project, which has brought together people and companies from many different countries, and had a lot of fun on the set of the motion photography. The shoot in Berlin, Germany used a specially hand built HD Digital Video camera. The models, suspended from rigging were shot at 250 frames per second at full high definition resolution, so that when played back at normal speed it would slow one second of time down to 10 seconds. It was a fun shoot, and there was an elemtent of luck that shone down on those days. Firstly one of the models turned out by chance to have worked in a circus as a trapeeze artist since she was nine, and my Apple Power Book that got dropped actually remained in full working order (despite now sporting a rather nasty dent!).

Here are some images of the site and the shoot.