Monday, June 15, 2009

Best of Diesel:U:Music Podcast

If you are looking to put a big grin across your face, then download The 'Best of Diesel:U:Music' podcast. A FREE new monthly music podcast, featuring 10 blistering tracks from across genres and countries, plucked from the Diesel:U:Music online community.

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Each month Diesel's in house creative team curate a mix of 10 epic, repeat - EPIC tracks (see track listings at end of post), from unsigned and new talents which you really should hear like, Marc Sunderland (UK), Molly Nilssen (Sweden), and the Dancing Pigeons (Germany), all the way through to equally mesmerizing acts like the truly incredible Congolese group, Staff Benda Bilili (see exclusive interview on, and play them alongside some of the most exciting breaking and respected artists of the moment like, Hot Chip, Kanye West, Santogold, Lykke Li and Damon Albarn. The major artist involvement helps and supports the newer acts by maximising exposure of the podcast for them too, and the podcast becomes another platform through which Diesel can support emerging musicians, in addition to the already established social music community site, the live radio station, world tour and music video contest.

The podcast includes special rare remixes, and demos of previously unreleased tracks. The result is an healthy dose of addictive, iPod ready, eclectic music. The monthly episodes will be complemented by special editions that will focus on individual artists or music genres. Available is an enhanced podcast, for those who have next generation MP3 players and iPods, each track is accompanied with its own artwork and a supporting text written by the artist that gives an interesting and exclusive insight into the background behind the track. To get featured on this “Best Of” podcast, artists can upload their tracks to

it’s FREE and it’s downloadable NOW from Diesel:U:Music website and iTunes.

If you want more than 1 hour of great music at a time, then tune into Diesel:U:Music radio live 24/7.

A second podcast, 'Best of Diesel:U:Music Radio' provides interviews, news, special reports and exclusive content from many of Diesel's live radio station DJ's including Lucy Pink, Neon Neon, Supper Furry Animals and more more more - Diesel:U:Music radio.

Track 1: We Have Band - Oh!
Track 2: Gang Gang Dance – House Jam (Hot Chip Remix)
Track 3: Marc Sunderland - Long way to go
Track 4: Eugene McGuiness - Fonz
Track 5: Ex Lovers – Just a Silhouette
Track 6: Hjaltalin – Traffic Music
Track 7: The Vanities – Dolly
Track 8: Milke – Love Get Out Of My Way
Track 9: Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader
Track 10: Dead Cities – Dead Cities

Track 1: Plantlife – We Can Get High
Track 2: Javelin – Oh! Centra
Track 3: Staff Benda Bilili – Sala Mosela
Track 4: HEARTSREVOLUTION – Dance Til Dawn
Track 5: NASA (Feat. Kanye West, Santogold, Lykke Li) - Gifted
Track 6: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt – Snowday
Track 7: U-CEF – The Stick (Feat. Damon Albarn)
Track 8: Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision
Track 9: Ra Ra Riot – A Manner To Act
Track 10: Molly Nilssen – We’re Never Coming Home