Friday, February 23, 2007

Terrorism In Second Life - American Apparel Attacked

The Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA), a band of long time residents of Second Life are demanding political rights and to be polled on changes to the virtual world. In an attempt to draw attention to their cause they have undertaken different campaigns, and one of the most recent was a terror attack against some of the new flock of big brands that are popping up with marketing actions in the popular 3D world.

Carrying out what they call military actions, they have targeted potential customers that entered American Apparel's Second Life store, shooting them and forcing them out of the store. Unlike the real world, American Apparel were able to disable the software that enabled such interaction within their zone. This is unfortunately where Second Life mimicing 'first life' ends.

The SLLA claim to have nothing against American Apparel, appearing to want to use a large brand as a means to drive stronger awareness to their cause.

An interview by Wayne Porter of ReveNews with the SLLA can be read here.

Heard on Popbitch and Marketing Vox.