Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Current TV - Television made by the viewer

Current is a new cable and satellite TV channel that is about 'what is going on'. Real world stories that for the most part are created by the viewers themselves. Current call it VC2 - view created content.

Content creators upload their videos to the Current website, where viewers vote for and choose who should be shown on air. The programmes are made up of PODs, just a few minutes long.

Current is host to some interesting partner programmes with Flavorpill, Sony and Toyota where users can also create adverts for the channel.

Google appear to be making their own TV show for the channel, that airs every 30 mins. Each episode decribes interesting facts about what people are searching for around a vast variety of subjects.

Where Current stands out is in providing a TV experience, but engaging with the viewers in as true a sense is possible. Creating an interactive experience that should provide better quality viewing than browsing YouTube, but being just as compelling.

Check out Current TV.