Thursday, October 26, 2006

Making 3D models from 2D images

The above image shows an origianl 2D photograph (top left in image), and subsequent renderings of the same scene from different angles.

This 3D understanding of a 2D image is the result of researchers of Carnegie Mellon university. They took 300 images from Google image search and 'mechanically' taught the computer to recognise horizontal and vertical planes. The results are stunning. Watching their video makes you feel nostalgic as you fly directly into an image as it transforms from a photo into an emersive scene. I can imagine this becoming a wonderful addition to iPhoto, and being able to fly into all tose wonderful old holiday photos from years past.

Check out the research - and you can also download the software.

Watch the video below.

Thanks to Florian (Hi-Res) for this link.