Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sony Bravia Ad - The Sequel

Following up from the Sony Bravia ad featuring 250,000 balls bouncing down the street in San Francisco, Sony's ad agency has created a sequel that aims to top the original spectacle. Both appear to be excercises in computer special effects, but they come into their own when you realise that they are all 'real events' that were created and filmed live. In this instance an alternative fireworks show created by exploding massive paint bombs around a tower block in Glasgow. Intended to communicate the unrivaled colour of the Bravia range of Sony LCD televisions, the ads are becoming quite a cult, and are interesting as they are a fusion between artistic 'happenings' and advertising.

I feel that I can claim a certain amount of ownership over the inspiration for the idea, having knocked a can of paint off the window-sill of my Nan's 24th floor flat in a high rise London tower block last year.

View the ad here, and see some backstage footage below.

The original, simpler and in my opinion better of the two ads can be seen online here.