Monday, March 05, 2007

The Branded Male - Help Write This New Book

Mark Tungate is researching a new book called THE BRANDED MALE, which will explore the changing habits of male consumers, as well as analyzing the ways marketers target men. As Mark researches and writes the book he is using his blog to share his ideas and allow people to comment, suggest ideas and offer insites into the subject. The most incicive comments will find their way into the book. A nice way to become a part of a book, without having to write a book yourself.

Read his progress and add your own comments here

I already submitted my comments:

I think you could dedicate an entire chapter to the 'let's add another blade' phenomena of marketing to men. The epitome of male product marketing, razor and shaving products, have struggled to reinvent themselves and have taken an increasingly predictable approach to differentiation. Simply adding a new blade. I thought that two blades as opposed to one made a real difference, but I struggle to feel the improvement that my 5 blade razor should be delivering. The question your book could ask is just how many blades will I be shaving with in 5 years time?

Did you ever see this quite impressive web site marketing for Philips? Harnessing cutting edge video and with it's ironic and provocative humor to create a viral effect, this is a memorable example of male marketing to the young and internet savy male.

I have had the pleasure to work with Mark, collaborating with him in the creation of FIFTY, for which Mark was the writer, and I can assure you it is worth your while contacting Mark as he is a really talented and nice guy!