Friday, March 30, 2007 - Featuring the work of John Smith is a platform for new and innovative works in film and video. It presents a monthly curated exhibition for which visitors can also submit their works for consideration.

The site is beautifully in its simplicity. With a simple bold text interface that concentrates focus on the artworks themselves.

The videos are free, but registering with the site gives you access to the archive of previously featured films.

This month features the works of John Smith, and one that stands out to me is 'Girl Chewing Gum' - It appears to be a director giving orders to actors as they act out a natural street scene, but what is actually being shown is archive footage of a scene that the artist is then providing his own ironic 'direction' dialogue on top. As the video progresses, flocks of birds and then clocks are instructed to carry out the artists vision. I love this idea, and it could be applied to so many situations. From banal scenes to presidential speaches, with all protagonists being 'directed' by the omnipresent 'director'. is part of the creative Think Tank, Tank Magazine.

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