Thursday, March 08, 2007

Futuristic Scope Watch - Could This Time Piece Save Your Life?

Actually this futuristic watch design invents a new way of displaying time - even though it would be pretty annoying after a while. I like the story that they have created to explain its unusual design.

The year is 2157, Alien Robots have taken over the Earth. Our cities lie in ruin. The last surviving humans have retreated to hidden caves and bunkers to escape the constant patrols by KX-400 Combat-bots. The remaining resistance fighters send out scouting parties for much needed supplies, but their job is extremely dangerous and few survive. Now, thankfully, they have the Arkon Industries SCOPE. This wrist mounted device accurately detects the power signatures given off by the Combat-bots allowing our patrols to evade the enemy. Powered by 2 lithium cells the SCOPE can locate nearby threats and indicate the direction and distance of the target. But on earth it has been adapted to simply tell the time.

Found on TrendHunter, read more atTokyo Flash.