Thursday, October 04, 2007

Martin Klimas - Smashing Art

I have just returned from a shoot that used a camera that could capture video at 1000 fps, and the results were beautiful. I can't wait to post the resulting project here soon. High speed photography can create amazing results.

With a desire to see what else people were doing with this technology I had a look around and came across the work of Marting Klimas. We are all familiar with images of bullets speeding through apples, and the shattering of glass, but Marting Klimas has gone beyond the 'simple' cliche and made images that really create something unique. The smashing porcelain figurines not only look dramatic as they explode, but the way that the figures are fragmenting, and the fragments themselves complete a scene.

The magic split second moment when the figurines and their exploding fragments create a scene that perfectly expresses the original expression of the figurine. Each one amazing in its improbability of capturing such a perfect scene. The fragments seem to become crashing water into which the figurine is plunging. The fighting figures that seem to have caused themselves to have shattered through their own energy.

The images much better express themselves, than I could ever articulate and do justice, so just look at the images for yourselve. Awsome!

It also made me think just how did Martin come up with the idea - I can only imagine that it was through a lucky accident. and I would love to know just how many figures were smashed to achieve these results.

These are rare images where they say so much, yet the concept is so painfully simple. Totally awe inspiring.

Found on - Where We Play