Tuesday, October 02, 2007

TV Gets Socially Networked

Social networking has merged with TV program file sharing to in the form of TOITI.com. The new social network merges Web 2.0 technology with the world of TV and film downloads (both legal and illegal), making it super easy to find that elusive episode of your favorite show. TIOTI doesn’t actually serve the actual files for download, but it does aggregate links to the files.

It take the mess out of searching as the site sorts all programs by category, with associated series and episode linked. It also adds all the benefits of social networks—users get the chance to review programs, read comments from other members, get recommendations, and join groups based on viewing preferences.

Keep an eye out for this site—it will no doubt come under the eye of TV companies. The question is, will the industry try to fight it, or will they embrace it?

Start downloading here!